discussion 2326

a) Jonah Goldhagen contends that the Germany people were willing accomplices to the holocaust, citing the lack of resistance and the gains many common citizens enjoyed as his chief proof. Attached is Charles Weber’s review of his classic work Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust. (200 words)

b) How do you feel about compensating communities for accepting the risk of having a nuclear facility in their area? Do you think the risk is worth the compensation, how much would you have to be compensated to take this risk, etc? (150 words)

c) Water pollution is the human-caused addition of any material in amounts that cause undesired alterations to the water. Define “point” and “non-point” sources of water pollution, give examples of each, and discuss the significance of each for pollution control. (150 words)

d) (150 words)

  1. Regarding the stigma of “naked/semi naked dancing” do we treat male dancers the same way as we do women? Why or why not?
  2. What is your opinion about female nude/semi-nude dancers and society’s view that it is wrong and good girls wouldn’t do this type of work? Is this a form of exploitation?
  3. If men dance, is this still exploitation? What about the people who watch? Are they deviant in their behaviors?
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