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International Migration Patterns

To inspire this pondering, read the following articles:



On an international scale, hundreds of millions of people will migrate in the coming decades out of their homelands out of sheer desperation to survive. The strain on food and water supplies is already sparking regional conflicts (e.g., Chad/Sudan, Syria) that are creating political scenarios that force people to fight and to flee. The mass migration of the human population, redistributing itself around the globe will be one of the defining features of the 21st century. With this imminent migration of hundreds of millions of people, what are the impacts on the natural resources needed to support people who will redistribute? In other words, how are the ecosystems services and products that support societies and economies impacted, and how does that then impact the people themselves when those services come under strain? Because natural resources are, in fact, limited, how shall individual countries work as a global community to deal with this, or should they? What are the social, cultural and political implications of this?

article 1


article 2


For your essay, address both the specific risks that coastal communities face, and how they address them, but also address the more general risks to the economy and the environment of millions of people abandoning expensive properties on the coast and relocating into areas inland that had been previously less populated.

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