final draft of descriptive essay

Project Description

You have been working on your descriptive essay, revising and expanding it since receiving feedback last week. In addition to the peer reviews from classmates and the advice you received from your instructor, it was recommended that you visit Smarthinking for additional feedback from one of their tutors. In your revisions, you worked on organizing your ideas and developing descriptive details in your supporting examples.

Your final draft should include an introduction with thesis statement (your main point), at least one body paragraph with descriptive details (more paragraphs are welcome), and a concluding paragraph with a satisfying ending. The goal of the descriptive essay is to paint a picture with words. By using sensory details, you can make a scene come alive for your reader. The descriptive details you chose to include (what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, etc.) will result in a vivid reading experience. Before submitting your final draft, be sure to proofread carefully.

It is recommended that you complete the following steps:

STEP ONE: Apply the feedback you received in the Week 2 Discussion: Rough Draft of Descriptive Essay. Please also take the time to submit your essay to Smarthinking for additional feedback.

STEP TWO: Your descriptive essay should include at least three paragraphs: an introduction that includes an engaging opening and ends with a thesis statement, has at least one supporting body paragraph, and ends with a conclusion that has a satisfying ending.

STEP THREE: As you revise, pay close attention to organizing your ideas and developing supporting examples. Be sure you support your main point with examples and sensory details, such as what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, etc.

STEP FOUR: Proofread your paper carefully. Take the time to read your work aloud. Update the essay with the advice you received from Smarthinking! Also, be sure to run the spelling and grammar checker in MS Word located in Tools. Pay close attention to those red squiggly lines.


“A home within a home” is what I like to call it. Although small, my four-walled bedroom is a place I consider my personal space away from the rest of the world. Often, it is dimly lit with two small lamps on each side of my bed . Since it is a little heaven for me to leave behind the struggles of the day, my bedroom often is neat and tidy, even if the rest of my house is a little messy. More so, I like to use lavender essential oil warmer, to help ease my busy mind . Normally after a usually eventful day, I run to my king-size bed with light gray and white covers. My soft mattress hidden beneath the covers gently cuddles me as I land on it while the white-cased pillows cushion my head. Once I land on the bed, it usually carries me away like a small boat on a quiet sea, and my daily trouble floats away.

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