human growth 7

Topic: Relationships and Middle Adulthood: Personality and Work

Discussion D :

iscussion D: Professional Burnout during Early and Middle Adulthood

  • While early and middle adults are not the only age groups to experience stress, they are more likely to experience stress related to their jobs. Professional or occupational burnout is a type of stress that results in a reduction of motivation and productivity as a result of increased cynicism, intense work demands, and feelings of being overworked. The article provided below lists a few professions that are prone to burn out. The truth is though burnout can happen in any profession.
1. Please watch the following video from

. The link is provided below. You can copy and paste it into your web browser.


Please read the articles posted below: “Which Professionals are Prone to Burnout” and “Job Burnout: How to Spot and Take Action.” The links are provided below. You can copy and paste them into your web browser.… ;…

2. Initial Post (300 words)
  • What changes do you see needing to be made individually as an employee to address and prevent burnout?
  • Who do you think plays a bigger role in monitoring and preventing burnout (the individual employee, the supervisor/ executive management team, or government)?
  • What would you do as a supervisor about employee burnout?

Task 7: Read Steps 3, 4, and 5

Read: A, B, C, D Personality Types…

Task: Which type do you think you are? What characteristics do you have? Do you think you have more than one type of personality, please explain. Identify someone you know who has the other types of personalities. Write 5-6 sentences (1 paragraph) and submit.

Lesson 7: Activity;1 read this article: 5 Ways Men and Women Communicate Differently…

Task: Research an article on relationships and submit answers to these questions:

What are two factors that contribute to healthy marriages/ relationships? What are two factors that lead to the deterioration of marriages/ relationships?

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