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Hume makes the following claims about belief:

“It follows, therefore, than the difference between fiction and belief lies in some sentiment or feeling, which is annexed to the latter, not to the former, and which depends not on the will, nor can be commanded at pleasure.” (p. 31)the attachment book have different page number

“Whenever any object is presented to the memory or sense, it immediately, by the force of custom, carries the imagination to conceive that object, which is usually conjoined to it; and this conception is attended with a feeling or sentiment, different from the loose reveries of the fancy. In this consists the whole nature of belief.” (p. 31) the attachment book have different page number

“Let us, then, take in the whole compass of this doctrine, and allow, that the sentiment of belief is nothing but a conception more intense and steady than what attends the mere fictions of the imagination, and that this matter of conception arises from a customary conjunction of the object with something present to the memory or senses: . . .” (p. 33) the attachment book have different page number

After reading Hume’s treatment of belief in Section 5 and his discussion of miracles in Section 10, please:

  • Explain what belief is, according to Hume. Include some discussion of the connection between belief, faith, and some kind of spiritual or religious practice.
  • According to Hume, does it seem as if it is possible for a religion to be reasonable? Why or why not?
  • What do you make of Hume’s treatment of belief and miracles? Is it possible for belief to be reasonable? What about religious belief? Explain your answer!
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