i need to write a concise and well organized response between 500 and 600 words to the questions posted in the description it s all reading and answering a question 1

Discussion Board: What theological issues did the Councils of Nicaea and Ephesus address? What do these councils tell us about the nature and purpose of theological decision-making? Does knowing about this historical process change the way you think and feel about how Christian doctrine is formed?

Please write a concise and well-organized response (between 500 and 600 words). You should i) base your argument on examples from the primary sources and lectures; ii) demonstrate knowledge of the basic historical narrative supplied by the lectures and textbook; iii) display critical thinking by developing a logical argument and articulating a well-supported position; and iv) use standard English grammar and punctuation.

((See the zip folder files attached to get the answers also I have listed the books and reference for you in case you need them.))

Also, see the instruction file for details.

Please consult the rubric file which will be used to evaluate your answer.

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