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The different concepts of leadership characteristics are very well explained in relation to a goal-path theory by Shikhar Sarin and Gina Colarelli O’ Connor on the basis of a New Product Development (NPD) theory research team where out of the listed ones I opine that participative leadership is a very effective style of management leadership which are required for all successful teams in order to succeed in a very efficient manner. To become a good leader in reference to a team, the different individuals concerned can properly study the different kinds of theories involved in relation to the individual characteristic of one personality or style but basically it is believed that every leader of team has his own theory and style, he must be able to choose one of the best styles out of the available in order to attain successful and best results. Two major leadership styles are mentioned below out of which participative leadership is considered to be very effective:

1) Participative Leadership: In view of the betterment of different teams, participative leadership is said to be considered very good as the team leader invites the involvement of different members in the process of decision-making. In addition to these attributes, the interaction and communication will be in an efficient way with their team members which thereby results in the betterment of the entire team.

2) Directive Leadership: In this type of leadership, the leader organizes, plans in a proper manner and directs various activities to his different team members. Along with this, the team leaders give guidance to the team members on the basis of which the various team members are supposed to work on in order to approach the goal, achieve success and attain best results etc. for which the different team members perform well under this type of leadership but still there is only one drawback under this where they always look along for directions of the leader and cannot take independent decisions.

By summarizing, it can be concluded as per me that different leaders have different personalities, perceptions and backgrounds. The leadership style used by the various leaders will vary depending on the team members he leads. Good Leaders always adjust their style and way of leadership to the situation and scenarios they are in, as well as on the teams they are leading.


In this article it is said that, to take initiation of leading a team, the leader of the team is to take the initiative in order to foster his group towards the goal or objective present and driven by him and also which is driven by a solid duty as well as conviction towards his strong set objective. As per this article it is also stated that he will reform himself into a powerful communicator to communicate his fundamental style to his colleagues in a very passionate manner also to have a vision in all the entire team takes up. It is also said in this article that where a pioneer might control his guiding style to perfect his colleagues by pervading all the essential data sources, he has the tendency to audit the data sources provided and confirm whether his/her colleagues are using the same style and concept in the correct way. Therefore, this style will improve the level of the colleagues and incentive in order to finish their occupations with certainty and effectiveness.

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