individual development plan vision

During this course, you are required to select a mentee and develop an Individual Development Plan. The Individual Development Plan will include both techniques and activities to support your mentee in achieving a predetermined goal. You are required to implement a minimum of one activity from the Individual Development Plan, so please select a candidate that you can interact with in order to discuss and monitor your plan. Review the “Individual Development Plan Outline” to prepare for the assignments in this course. You can locate this document in Topic Materials.

Develop a value proposition statement that articulates the value you as a mentor can offer to others. This should be a short statement (one or two sentences) that establishes a clear vision for you as a mentor/coach and expresses values you possess that would appeal to your mentee. Decide on a potential candidate to mentor or coach. You should select a mentee that you have some sort of relationship with so you can build trust and talk to your mentee(s) throughout the process. Once you have selected a mentee or group of mentees, write a brief vision statement (250-500 words) describing your vision for working with your mentee(s). The vision statement should capture the mentee’s perceptions of working with a mentor.

Submit both your value proposition statement and vision statement.

I am 42 years old grad student.

I’ve been a Paramedic for 21 years.

I currently work for my states department of health, the state regulatory agency for emergency medical services.

I have a bachelors degree in emergency management and fire science.

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