masters dissertation

Kindly don’t bid on this question if you have never written a dissertation before.


The Title is (Exploring Relationship between Sales Promotion Strategies and Purchasing Decisions on Audi Oman)

The dissertation should be 12,500 words and follow the dissertation content file (attached).

Attached files (Some files will be attached after assigning the dissertation to a Tutor)
1. Distinction Sample (to consider while drafting my dissertation)
2. Similar dissertation but different company.
3. My Dissertation Content file to follow while drafting, also a sample of the questionnaire will be in the same file.
4. My Ethic Form will be attached for you to collect information.

– While analyzing the figures, 250-300 respondents should be considered approximately when mentioning the questionnaire.
– The research will focus in the region of Sultanate of OMAN.
– 60 References (Academic books, journal articles)

– Must follow Harvard References Style

– 0% plagiarism

– While reviewing file 1 & 2 make sure you don’t plagiarize.

Please note I’ll extend the time limit after your submission, in order to get a feedback from my supervisor and share it with you for adjustments.
Please work hard on it so that I can get a distinction.

Thank You.

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