mentor assignment

for this assignment follow instructions answer all questions and problems, no plagerism,no copy and paste, should be 5 pages

  • Mentoring relationships can be very powerful and usually bring great benefit to both the protégé and the mentor; however, these relationships rarely last forever. List 4 signs that should signal both the mentor and the protégé that the relationship needs to come to an end.
  • What are the key differences between privacy and confidentiality when dealing with a protégé? Why is it important for a mentor to know the difference?
  • Culture can be defined broadly as “shared motives, values, beliefs, identities, and interpretations or meanings of significant events that result from common experiences of members of collectives that are transmitted across generations” (Osula & Irvin, 2009) (House, Hanges, Javida, Dorfman & Gupta, 2004). Given this definition, what strategies would you employ is a cross-cultural mentoring relationship?
  • What do believe would be your biggest challenge in a facilitating a cross-cultural mentoring relationship? How will you meet this challenge to the benefit of your protégé and to your personal growth?
  • Discuss the four stages of mentoring relationships. Be sure to describe each stage.
  • Discuss the meaning of this quote: “If you don’t know your stuff you will get caught in your clients’ stuff and that will create more stuff. ” (Mieke Brandon) What point is Brandon trying to make about self-reflection and mentoring?
  • How would a mentor use praise effectively in a mentor/protégé relationship?

  • Discuss the concept of growth feedback as it relates to mentoring.
  • Briefly describe a troubling problem that a protégé might discuss with her mentor. Provide a list of at least 6 positive probing questions that the mentor might ask the protégé with regard to this situation.
  • How would you describe mentoring, and what, if anything, remains your biggest concern about entering into this type of intrusive relationship with a protégé? How much of yourself are you willing to give up?
  • Wha do you commit to include in your mentoring cadre of skills?
  • Create a quote about mentoring that you intend to include in your mentoring “words of wisdom” . . .words that you will share with either new mentors or protégés. State your original quote and then discuss the meaning.
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