music journal and discussion


As discussed in the lecture, musicians and other artists have often engaged in social commentary in their music and respective art forms. Can music with a socially conscious message have a positive effect or a negative effect? Why? Give an example of a song that has addressed a social issue. How was it received? What role does the performer of the song play in the reception of the song’s message? Do the commercial aspects of the music business affect the role of the artist in terms of social commentary? Why or why not? Does art have the power to change minds?

**Your discussion post must be your original thoughts. If you want to include material from outside sources, please do so sparingly and with citation.**


As you have experienced through the lecture and video materials for this week and last week, technology and the manipulation of the technology (the use of the turntable used as a compositional tool, as an example) have been used in creating new sounds. What are some other ways technology is, or has been, used and/or manipulated to create new art forms? Feel free to discuss other musical genres, but you don’t have to limit yourself to music: think about other arts as well.

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