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Margaret Sanger (1883-1966) was one of the 19th century public health nurses other than Nightingale who made a prominent contribution on the field of nursing. “In the early 20th century, at a time when matters surrounding family planning or women’s healthcare were not spoken in public, Margaret Sanger founded the birth control movement and became an outspoken and life-long advocate for women’s reproductive rights. “(Margaret Sanger. (n.d.). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)). She created more societal change during her lifetime than any other woman since Isabelle of Spain. Just a century ago, serial pregnancies were the norm because there was no method of controlling conception other than “having him sleep on the roof.” Margaret lived her life to change that. Margaret Sanger’s efforts to promote birth control were largely motivated by a desire to spare women from the burdens of repeated pregnancy and childbirth because many women who are suffering when they were undergone abortion in her time. As a nurse she searched for a method to control conception and thereby achieve “birth control.” She published all the information available and mailed it everywhere. She has worked as a nurse and she is the first feminist who elaborately fought for women rights on birth control by taking oral contraceptives or magic pills. Therefore, repeated pregnancies should be avoided to avoid hazardous abortion.


Margaret Sanger. (n.d.). Retrieved from…

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