persuasive speech 47

General Purpose: Persuasion is apparent to a certain degree in any type of talk, however, the specific purpose of the persuasive speech assignment is not only to convince your audience to adopt a particular belief, but also to convince them to take a prescribed course of action. In other words, you will actually be asking your audience to carry out some step that you have demonstrated will alleviate a particular problem. This is called an action step. Calling your audience into action is a requirement for this speaking assignment. Remember that if you are trying to get people to do something, you will have to make it very clear that doing this thing will satisfy some needs that they have. Hence, you should be able to identify the specific needs that you are attempting to awaken and motivate in your audience.

Process: You must use the Monroe Motivated Sequence pattern of organization for this speech.


  1. Attention: get the audience’s attention and focus it on your message
  2. Need: arouse a need in the audience to interest them in the problem
  3. Satisfaction: show how a proposed solution will fix the stated problem and therefore satisfy the audience’s needs
  4. Visualization: draw a mental picture for the audience of their needs being met by the implementation of the proposed solution, answering any objections they might have.
  5. Action Step: state specifically what the audience should do to help alleviate this problem (and satisfy their needs)

Support & References: At least 4 published sources of information are required (at least 2 sources supporting the need and at least 2 sources supporting the satisfaction). You must submit your complete works cited in APA (typed) format to Instructor before you speak. Sources must also be cited orally in the speech.

You must have a variety of supporting materials (e.g. examples, statistics, testimony).

Outline: A preparation outline (typed) must be turned in, along with works cited, to Instructor before speaking.

*A 10% penalty may be assessed for failure to complete requisite paperwork or adhere to assignment requirements.

Speech Time Limit: Speaking time: 4-6 minutes.12-minute total time period within which to set up, deliver, and clear the speaking space. Failure may result in 10% penalty or loss of speaking privilege.

Grading: See evaluation sheet for specific details.

Topics: Your topic must be approved by Instructor by 7/18. Do not wait until the last minute to get your topic approved. Points will be deducted.

Topics which will NOT be approved include (but are not limited to) those relating to: religion, abortion, drinking and driving, performing acts that violate the US or state penal or civil code, legalizing drugs (other than advocating for/against a specific ballot measure).

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