phil 101 short answer 1

Your work:

Please make an attempt to disprove the argument provided below (or at least show it questionable). To do so:

A) Consider each point of this argument and try to find some weak claims within the argument (claims that are disputable, doubtful, or false; explain why you think these points are weak or flawed).

B) Look for any place of faulty logic (if there is any), in order to show that the Conclusion 5 does not follow.

*Your work should be at least three paragraphs long (250 words), but not longer than one page of text double spaced (350 words).

*Please write straight to the point

a) do not write any kind of introduction

b) eliminate all words that are not necessary to illustrate your point


Premise 1) All knowledge you have comes to you via sense-perception

Premise 2) When you perceive a freshly made solid piece of bee-wax (call it SBW for Solid Bee Wax) with your 5 senses, this wax still has some smell of flowers, some taste of honey, gives you a sound when knocked with a fingernail, feels hard to your touch, and it looks like a cube to your eyes

Premise 3) When you bring the very same SBW to the fireplace and put it right next to the flames, the SBW melts and becomes liquid (call it MBW for Melted Bee Wax); in this process the smell of flowers evaporates from the MBW and it does not smell like flowers anymore, the taste of honey is not detectable anymore, it does not give you any sound when knocked with a fingernail, it becomes soft to your touch, and it does not look like a cube to your eyes

Premise 4) Every sense-perception you have about the SBW is different from the sense-perception you have about the MBW

Conclusion 5) The Solid Bee Wax and the Melted Bee Wax is not the same wax; they are two entirely different things

TIP: Read the final part of the Meditation II

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