quot psychology understanding teen age suicide quot

Research Project (26 points)

This paper will represent the culmination of your study of the End of Life Issues in this course, and will enable you to explore a specific topic of interest from the perspective of one of the social or behavioral sciences. Your paper should include the various sources that you collected in your proposal. All sources should convey information that is integrated into your paper:

1. A source regarding your discipline of choice

2. At least one resource from our course

3. At least two scholarly sources

4. At least one organizational source

5. (optional) Any additional sources that you would like to include that are relevant to your topic.

For this project you will be completing the project that you proposed in your Research project. Please be sure to see the feedback on your Proposal to help you successfully complete this project, and feel free to contact me with any questions as you are working on it.

Please note that this Report should be a coherent essay that develops an argument related to your topic of research. It should NOT be a list of concepts and sources related to the topic.

Your paper should include:

1. Introduction

2. Body of the paper. The paper should provide relevant details and also convey how your paper is related to the social science discipline identified in your proposal. You don’t need to label this as “Body” in your paper. Instead, if you are using headings, create headings that are relevant to your content.

3. Reflections. Include a paragraph about why this topic is significant and meaningful to you, as well as anything that you learned that you found especially interesting.

4. Conclusion

5. Reference List

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