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Discussion Question

In 250 words, please respond to the following questions with your perspective based on what you learned this week based on the assigned readings. Refer back to the syllabus for important reminders about forum discussion etiquette.

  • After reading the articles and other resources, discuss your opinion Having effective strategies that correlates to the student’s disabilities. You may chose one disability. Are there benefits using RTI?

Read your peers answers and post a response to receive full credit.

Discussion Response 1


I think that there are many benefits to having effective strategies that correlate to student disabilities. Being able to meet students at their needs is a necessity for having a classroom where all are learning. I also think that it helps to make sure that as teachers, we are effectively breaking down instruction so that all of our students are getting the information in the way they need. Just as our regular students have different ways that they learn, our students with disabilities need to have that same consideration.

For example, our students that have communication issues, I think that a combination of different strategies would help to make the student successful. First, I believe that scripted lesson would work well. If the student is having a difficult time processing the information, the students need to understand what they need to know and how to effectively communicate it. Teaching them techniques and how to properly convey necessary information would be helpful to their learning and a scripted lesson would be able to teach students exactly how to do that. Another strategy that I think would work is allowing those students to have more time and partnering work. Allowing students to have additional time to gather their thoughts and properly communicate them would be beneficial. Also, allowing the students to work with partners would allow them to bounce ideas off each other and help students who are struggling to work with someone who may be able to clarify in a way the teacher could not.

I believe that there are some benefits to using RTI but also some ways that it could be undermined. I had the experience of using RTI this year with a couple of children for those Kindergarten and First grade students who were either struggling or behind their grade level who were not currently on an IEP. For the students that were dedicated to the intervention (i.e. doing homework, coming to school, etc.), it was very beneficial to track their progress and plan their instruction to their needs. It also was able to successfully differentiate the students who were just needing more assistance and differentiated instruction from those who were actually in need of an IEP. It was also beneficial to help relay information back to the teacher so they could help implement different strategies in their classroom.

Discussion Response 2


I have worked as a paraeducator for many years in the ED (Emotional Disabilities) department and have witnessed firsthand how effective and necessary RTI is for students. I am a firm believer that this method should be incorporated in the education process for all students and not just used for the identification of special needs students. Using the IDEA philosophy of including all students in the education process in the same setting, we can learn that all students should be treated as individuals at some point in their learning process. There are far more average students that don’t get this level of education from our system and I don’t think that is equitable. All students should work as a whole class, small groups, and individuals or smaller groups to ensure that we are meeting their needs and sending them off on their unique paths.

As it comes to the ED students, they require more one on one company and guidance from a special education teacher or paraeducator. We must constantly assess to see if these students are learning what they need and supporting them with things like praise and rewards. I do not think that RTI should be used as a method to diagnose students and recommend for special education needs. Rather, it should be a resource in order to enhance all student learning. Our goal is to include all students in the education process in the least restrictive environment (equity) so that we can prepare them for life after high school. When I sit in class with the ED students and reduce their distractions and correct their behavior, I find that they are just as willing and able to learn as the mainstream students. For me, response to intervention is a method to keep students on track and ready to learn. Isn’t that what all students need?

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