respond to 2 classmates 1

1.Victim assistance programs are programs provided with information and support for people who are victims as a result of a crime. In our text, it is defined as, “A service organization that works to provide comfort and assistance to victims of crime and to witnesses”. What is great about these programs is they focus only on the victim and ways to help them heal or find closure from the crime. The victims have a variety of resources available for them for any service they may need, whether it is psychological or financial. Victims assistance programs are mainly run by volunteers who help counsel victims and tend to their needs. The relationship between victims assistance programs and victims’ rights is that the victims are the most important and have the right to information needed for resources available to them and also the criminal justice process. The Victims programs provide the services that is guaranteed by victim rights. The victims are the protected party and have rights that ensure they are coping with the problems that resulted from victimization.

2.I think Victim Assistance programs are a great way for people affected by crime to deal with and recover from damage. It could be physical damage or emotional. Examples could be mental health services, counseling, cash assistance, housing assistance, medical services, and legal assistance, to name the big ones. Victims of crime have the right to confront the person responsible and testify in court ; they also have the right to have an attorney as well, to make sure their rights are protected. They also have a right to a certain level of privacy, such as in rape. Victims services can assist with pretty much any aspect of the victims recovery. If they are a victim of theft or robbery, they may be entitled to restitution from the offender or the city. Asset forfeiture helps to fund these programs, as well as donations, fundraising, etc. Another place where funds come is court, citation, and ticket fees and fines. If you ever read your court documents, like when you get a speeding ticket, and say they charge you $150 bucks, it shows you how the money is distributed and victims services is one of them. I think that is a good place to get the money because when people pay their fines, at least they are helping their community in the process.

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