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Student paper down below:

Workforce management is something that has always has its challenges, however every different company experiences their own challenges including that of the field of corrections. One of the main challenges that the corrections field experiences is the ever changing demographics of offenders that come and go within the facilities. This causes issues because no every offender is the same and the prison systems have to adjust to conform to each inmate to make sure that they get what they need rather than just treating everyone the same. Corrections workforce management does exist within the public and private sectors.

When looking at the public sectors we see one of the biggest problems to be overcrowding and under staffing. Public systems seem to have this as a bigger problem because they do not have the ability to pick and choose between their inmates and they seem to have to take on the inmates that are sentenced and offer the programs that they need. Although, this is not as big of an issue within the private sector, with the overcrowding growing in the public sector they are forcing private sectors to intake these inmates and overcrowding is becoming an issue for them as well. Another problem that we see within both sectors is the high rate of employee turnover, research has showed that within the public sector employees work in a more stress related environment than the private sectors showing that the turnover rate for them is higher because of this.

Public prisons have been around longer than most private prisons and this is the reason that the issues with management seem to be more dominate within the public prisons than the private prisons. Taking a look at the issues that arise when it comes to management is making sure that the people that are working within the prisons realize what they are doing and what they will be asked to do. It is not an easy job working around inmates for a living and it takes special training and is not cut out for everyone. Looking at and examining employees is key to the management of a prison because of the harsh environment that they present. Leadership within a prison is also a vital asset and must be examined upon hire of any employees. Making sure that correctional staff works together is key. Even though prison management starts with the Warden, the employees need to have the strength to work through anything and seek the success of the prison as if they were the Warden.

In all I feel that public and private sector prisons have their differences when it comes to management and issues that lie within management, but making sure that everyone is on a team within both sectors is key. We want to see nothing but success within the prisons and making sure that the issues at hand are taken care of are key when it comes to the success. Some issues such as overcrowding are bigger issues than we have the time to contain, however if we use the management skills before the inmates make it to prison this issue might be resolved as well.

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