scenario analysis 5

Your Assignment

You are a member of the project team receiving this assignment to prepare a report on introducing a new High End product as directed by the new CEO. Depending on your company’s current strategy and position, you may, decide to support Mr. Harkness’ decision, or oppose it, but you’ll need to back up your choice with a clear argument. Use your current Capsim report, and relate your argument directly to your selected strategy.

At your first meeting (which was, ugh, at 7:00 AM the following Monday!) your team decided the first steps would be: A SWOT analysis, and A break-even analysis (and any other analyses) that supports your recommendation for moving forward with the new product. Oh, and of course, that knock-me-dead name (assuming you choose to move forward)!

What to Hand In

A single word document that contains the following:

– An email to the CEO with your recommendation. This email should be concise yet provide support for the recommendation. The email does not need to contain all of the details used in the recommendation but should at least reference the details. For example, the email can include something like “based on my analyses (see the attached report), the projected time to recoup the costs associated with the new product is…”.

– A separate report with details supporting your recommendation. At a minimum, the report must contain 1) a SWOT analysis for your company and 2) a break-even analysis that supports your recommendation. Additionally, the report should include any supporting analyses used in your decision making.

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