service learning project report

For this assignment, you will complete a Service Learning Project (SLP) that will include volunteer hours and ten-entry reports about your efforts. The volunteering efforts will be from a local Food Pantry, your efforts should include serving the needs of the larger community in some way.

The Ten Entries of the Service Learning Project Report:

Note: The directions for each entry are detailed in the attachment and followed by space for you to type each entry inside this document. You are expected to demonstrate learning based upon assigned course materials. References and citations from the assigned course materials are required. A minimum of 14 unique citations from the assigned readings are expected in the Service learning project report.


Include a bibliography at the end of your SLP.

Very Important for All Students: Employ APA format for both in-text citations and your bibliography or references list. Abstracts and running heads are not required.

Write in Arial font, size 14

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