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The author of Decision explains how to see the other side and reality and test out a decision before committing to it. This is essential for choosing your career and starting a new business. Overconfidence can wreak havoc in our decision-making process, such as when we invest large sums of money and/or time to a profession or as an entrepreneur. People tend to be overconfident of the infallibility of their judgment. While overconfidence may provide courage and determination to attempt tasks that stretched our abilities, we must identify the reality of our decisions. Without humility, overconfidence becomes a bias in decision-making.

We also read about Framing this week. You can include this reading in our discussion, if you would like to do this.

1. Summarize our reading for this week and explain the most influential parts for you. Explain the important parts of each chapter. For example, what is the essence of each chapter?

2. Explain how you or other leaders could make improvements in your/their decisions? How could this result in better decisions and results? How can you or anyone accept their mistake and move on?

3. As you read from Titus, consider how Paul is leading Titus to select other leaders and followers who practice and show Godly ways. Compare your organization with the leadership intentions of church planting and expansion in the island of Crete. Meditate on these verses regarding the kind of leadership or team that you want to develop. How could the first chapter of Titus relate to our learning and studies? If this is a good role model for leadership and selecting followers, explain it.

If this has already been addressed in our discussion, what does the Bible say about overconfidence, humility or other related topics from this week’s study? Scripture offers several accounts of individuals and groups biased by strong emotions, ego or overconfidence. Which one comes to your mind first? What was the result of this emotion?

  • Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. (2013) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and WorkU.S.: Crown Business. ISBN: 9780307956392
  • Harnish, Verne. (2012). The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Verne Harnish & the Editors of Fortune, Forward by Jim Collins. New York. Published by Fortune Books. Print ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415 e-text ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415


Chapter 7, Ouch, and Chapter 8 about overcoming emotions, in Decisive book.

This exerpt from Beach and Connally explains a theory about how we make decisions by Framing them. Suggestions for more reading and research about Framing is in the document, too. Framing by Beech and Connally _2005_.pdf Click for more options

From the Biblical Book of Titus, Chapter 1

(Optional or for Biblical integration for Dialogue or an Assignment): Pride can cloud the soul in the midst of decisions. Please open your Bible to Prov. 13:10, Prov. 16:18, Prov. 28:25, Dan. 5:20, Obad. 1:3, and James 4:6. These verses may apply in your decision making.

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