why study ethics discussion

This module introduced you to an overview of ethics and ethical foundations. For this first discussion board, address the following questions in your initial post:

  1. Why should one study ethics? Are ethics really necessary for us to function as a global society?
  2. When (at what age) and where should ethics be taught?
  3. Is it possible for one’s ethics to change over time? Why or why not?

Also respond to class mate post. See post below.


Studying ethics is an excellent way to help understand and realize what people and the world are like. Ethic’s are extremely necessary for the world to function as a global society. If there was no ethics, then I believe the world would be in more of disarray then it already is. Teaching ethics should start differently for everyone. It should be based on the maturity of the person and what they can understand. One’s belief in ethic’s can change over time very quickly because the ethic’s a person believes in is not set in stone. There are very few things in life ever set in stone and unchangeable

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