write a paper covering your reflection insights and understanding of one of the following topics related to our engineering economics course note that this should not be just a summary but expand on the discussion brought up in the podcast with your

ENGR 460 Podcast paper

Write a paper covering your reflection, insights, and understanding of one of the following topics related to our Engineering Economics course. Note that this should not be “just a summary” but expand on the discussion brought up in the podcast with your own thoughts in reference to broader impacts.

The paper should be single spaced, Calibri 11 size font, 2 pages in length, and should focus on the ethical, social, or external impacts concerning the real world application (or misunderstanding) of economic analysis techniques or the consequences of decisions driven by numbers alone.

Choose one of the following topics and listen to the corresponding podcast. Grading will be based on depth of discussion, insight and discussion in regards to external, societal, etc. impacts, and writing quality. You can add other sources or references concerning the topic to expand your discussion if you want, but it is not required, or add in a second podcast topic.

Podcast/Topic Options

  1. Robots Taking Over Jobs: (combine Episode 626 with one other listed below)
    1. PlanetMoney Epsiode 626: This Is the End of Jobs


  1. PlanetMoney Episode 623: The Machine Comes to Town


  1. PlanetMoney Episode 622: Humans vs Robots


  1. PlanetMoney Episode 544: M&M Candy Anomalies


Suggested Topics: Decisions driven by external policy

  1. PlanetMoney Episode 606: Spreadsheets! http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/02/25/389027988/episode-606-spreadsheets

Suggested Topics- ethics (impact on jobs, analysis errors), analysis model accuracy, etc.

  1. PlanetMoney Episode 775: The Pigweed Killer (Controversial Herbicide)



Suggested Topics: Ethics (impact on others, development of products), decisions driven by money

  1. PlanetMoney Episode 701: A Bank without Interest (Islamic Financing)


Suggested Topics: social understanding of economic analysis techniques (interest rates)

  1. PlanetMoney Episode 640: The Bottom of the Well (impact of falling water resources)

https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/04/25/605848456/episode-640-the-bottom-of-the-well Suggested Topics: Ethics & Economics of using a finite resource, decisions driven by money, role of public in economic decisions.

5) PlanetMoney Episode 661: The Less Deadly Catch (Fishing regulations for supply control)


Suggested Topics: Inadvertent impacts from analysis, impact of decisions driven by money, etc., using analysis to find a solution that balances social impact and drive for profit.

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