write about 3 causes of racial job discrimination for african american

In HCP draft1, I have finished my introduction paragraph.My problem is racial job appeared because of [1] mass incarceration and [2] education level for black people was lower. As a high proportion of black people suffered from mass incarceration, many colored people became former convicts. Most employers are unwilling to accept those who had criminal records.I am not sure whether my second reason is good or not. If it is not good, then revise it. Plus, think reason 3. Write a paragraph for each reason. Including scholarly sources and popular sources like news, magazines. Then entire draft, it might look like this:

1) Introduction (I have finished, just read it)

2) Cause #1

3) Cause #2

4) Cause #3

locating evidence from both the past and the present that tie the problem as we see it today to its past

I uploaded a sample essay to make you understand what I say.

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