writing an apa essay


  1. Consider some new technology or process you have been involved with in the last two or three years. What issues affected you as an individual? What factors enabled you to be successful in adapting to the new process?
  2. Use your favorite Internet search engine to find different definitions of technology and innovation. How would you characterize these definitions? How are they the same and how do they differ from the ones in the text? Why are there so many variations?
  3. Find a large company in which you are interested. Once you have identified the company, find its industry and its major competitors. Then find the following:
    1. Where the focal company ranks in responsibility toward its various stakeholders?
    2. How does the firm s level of social responsible actions affect its bottom line?
    3. What innovative actions have been taken in the industry/organizations to improve its reputation.

All of this information should be available online. What would you say about the technology and innovation responsibilities of the focus company and its managers in its environment? Explain your answer with information from your analysis.

APA Format, at least 2000 words, at least three references.

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