data warehousing and its applications in business intelligence and analytics bia

Choose one of the papers displayed to analyze. Follow the instructions below to analyze what has been done with their warehouse. You may use your own experiences to write your paper

All responses must be at least one full paragraph, single spaced. Type the question first and follow it with your response.Please do not quote from the textbook.I am interested in YOUR ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Report Format for Individual Papers

The body of your paper should be at least 4 pages, but no more than 6 pages. This does not include the Title or Reference page.The important thing in developing your paper is to be “thorough” and “accurate”. You should read the selected paper several times before you start writing, and take some time off in between the reading and the reporting so you let some thought and incubation take place. The questions listed below do not necessarily have EXACT answers; however, that doesn’t mean that any sloppy thinking will do.

Begin with the background of the company being written about. Use the internet to research additional information not available in the paper. Include information on their products, their organization structure, their financial/stock performance and their competitors. All references are to follow APA formatting.

Include all of the following items with your analyses.

a. Key business tasks supported

b. Key business users supported

c. Describe the general architecture

d. Products utilized

e. Business decisions driving the decision for a data warehouse

f. Key business objectives

g. Expected benefits

h. Training/education required

i. Outside services used during the implementation

j. From YOUR perspective, was the project a success?

k. If the system went down for three hours, what kind of ‘pain’ would the company feel?

l. Major success factors

m. Major risk factors

n. What were the lessons learned?

o. What enhancements do you see for this system?

p. What other materials would you have liked to have in order to answer more effectively?

General Requirements for Analysis Paper Submissions

  1. Number pages in upper right corner; no running heads;
  2. Single space narrative; use Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial – 11 point;
  • Paper must include an:
  • Introduction (Tell the reader what to expect.)
  • Body of the Paper (The body must be divided into sections ‘a’ through ‘p’ as above.)
  • Conclusion (Pull the paper together.)
  • References.
  1. Section headings and margins should be left aligned and bold;
  2. Bulleted lists must have a descriptive sentence that explains what the bullets are.
  3. Have a minimum of three references outside of the case study.
  4. Use APA style for citations, references, tables and figures.
  5. Do not rely on the technology to check your spelling, punctuation or sentence structure.Desk check your paper before submitting work.
  6. Paragraphs must have at least three meaningful sentences.
  7. Submit as Word attachment to Blackboard.
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