maintaining the computer system

Task 6 Maintaining the Computer System

Properly maintaining the computer is essential if you want to achieve higher speeds via RAM and Internet connections. Because systems tend to degrade over time, diagnosing issues and troubleshooting the system is essential. Diagnostic software programs are used to examine the state or problems with hardware. They can also be specific for the OS.

Learn about types of diagnostic software.

  1. Read and review Diagnostic Software for windows.
  2. Read What is Diagnostic Software?

Why does my computer run slowly?

  1. Read Slow Computer – 10 Ways to Make it Run Faster
  2. Read 13 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow
  3. Watch.

Investigate troubleshooting the system

Read Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Hardware Problems

                          1. Electrical system
                          2. Error messages
                          3. Motherboard, processor, ram
                          4. Hard drives
                          5. Monitors and video
                          6. Protecting the environment
                          7. Complete review questions to check understanding

Complete the tutorial Troubleshooting Windows 8: Part I

Make a quick fix card for the client to trouble shoot a slow computer.

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