questions regarding a dataset analysis


Locate a dataset from or create a fictitious dataset of your own.Then answer the following questions (Please be thorough in answering questions and show all calculations leading to the answers):

  1. Describe your research question.
  2. State a hypothesis.
  3. List and explain the variables you are using from the dataset. Should you design a study with just two variables, make a recommendation for a third variable and how that might add to interpretation of the data.
  4. Select a random sample of data from your dataset. The data should have a minimum of 30 cases, but not more than 200 cases. (Hint: You can use the “random” function in either Excel or SPSS to generate a random sample from your dataset.)
  5. Conduct a descriptive data analysis that includes the following (show all calculations):
    1. a measure of central tendency
    2. a measure of dispersion
    3. at least one graph
  6. Briefly interpret the descriptive data analysis.
  7. Conduct the appropriate statistical test that will answer your hypothesis. It must be a statistical test covered in this course such as regression analysis, single t-test, independent t-test, cross-tabulations, Chi-square, or One-Way ANOVA. Explain your justification for using the test based on the type of data and the level of measurement (show all calculations).
  8. Report and interpret your findings (show all calculations).
  9. Use APA style and include a statement about whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Here are some resources that will help you with APA formatting in this step:
    1. Reporting Statistics in APA Style
    2. Reporting Results of Common Statistical Tests in APA Format
  10. Copy and paste your Excel or SPSS data output and place it in an appendix.
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