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What security tips that you learned in this course will be the most useful for your future computer related activities? Why are these tips useful for you?

I learned a lot in the past 8 weeks taking this course! I am super happy I took it and glad to learn a lot more about the safety of my computer and using social media. When I was younger I was very careless when it came to computer and didn’t pay a lot of attention to things like viruses and spam because I didn’t realize the harm they could do. I was also a lot more careless when it came to my social media sites as well, accepting anyone and putting my information out there. This class taught me a whole lot more on the dangers of putting a lot of information on the internet and not taking precautions when it came to my security and privacy. I think that’s one of the biggest tips I learned, was to always be paying attention and to make sure to check my security and privacy settings to make sure I am protecting myself from any potential harm. Back when I had Myspace you would find probably all my personal information on display because I didn’t realize how dangerous that could be. Now that I am older and wiser I make sure to try and keep all my social media sites private and display as little information as possible. I have spent many days going over many of my social media sites, looking over the different privacy and security settings and getting them where I wanna be.

I also learned the importance of taking better care of my computer and making sure my software is up to date and that it is protected. In the past I would have never really cared much and been downloading tons of things and never updating anything. I think everything I learned in this class was very important and useful information that I can take with me always and I also think it is something everyone should be aware of. Learning about viruses and how they can affect your computer or anyone else’s is a big deal and I think everyone, especially those that work places where they have a lot of others information should be fully trained on how to handle a situation where their computer was attacked. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more popular, and I think it’s because so may people are so relaxed when it comes to the internet social media and they aren’t aware just how easily it could happen to them. I think many of us live with the mentality that “oh it won’t happen to me” and that’s not good. If more people took classes like this and learned more about the dangers out there and how they could protect themselves more we would be in better shape.

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